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Solar Power for Better City Environment and Improved Customer Experience

Tradehouse Corp. Oy delivers innovative Solar Mobile Device Chargers that can be placed freely nearly anywhere outdoors. The effective and weather-proof chargers bring value to park and event visitors, restaurant guests and anybody spending time outdoors. 


They give power day and night, sunny and rainy days. Help people to avoid frustrating blackouts of mobile devices with help of our solar charger that comes in any color you wish.


The charger has lightning cable for Apple products. micro-USB cable and 2 free USB portsSolar Mobile Charger for Outdoors Use. Mobile Charger for Parks, City, Sports Places, Restaurants.Solar Mobile Charger for Outdoors Use. Mobile Charger for Parks, City, Sports Places, Restaurants..


For good reasons, this new product has been met with outright enthusiasm by our customers. 


The solar mobile charger facilitates also the environmental image and the social media presence of the cities,  tourist attractions and companies nearby.


Further, the solar mobile charger pole can  be used for marketing by companies and organizations. It solves a practical everyday problem of potential and current customers, and it has an advertisement screen to make the company message well visible during the charging.


Want to have your batch of these CE approved chargers? Get in touch with us!


Take here a look on a Newspaper article (ESS) about the positive user experiences after the introduction of the solar mobile chargers in the parks of the City of Lahti in Finland. (Article Language: Finnish)