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Are you a U.S. Buyer/Shop Owner looking for a way to increase your profit and sales?

We are happy to help you! 


A1 Tradehouse is specilized in finding and delivering good quality products to US retailers.We work to help you to have better and different products to sell than your competitors. Products that give you and your sales team excellent possibilities to success! We are not talking about luxury products, but products of good quality. Products that make both you and your customers happy!


Our products for the US market come from reliable manufacturers in the Nordic Countries of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway as well as a few other European countries. Our products give you more room for pricing as you can offer your customers better products than your competitors. This means better profitability for you. 


Our approach also safeguards you from a number of product associated risks in your business. For example the food products we sell come from one of the purest production environments in the world: the Nordic Countries. The production in these countries is also rigorously regulated and monitored by the authorities. These are countries where you can drink water straight from the rivers as the surrounding nature is so clean. Most of our manufacturing partners are relatively small, but they use state of the art technology in their production. With our products you can stand proud when your customers ask you about environmental responsibility, child labour, hormonal and antibiotic residues, product durability and dafety as well as many other challenges connected to the bulk production in the developing countries.    


Are your ready to get a better profit margin and feel better about what you sell?

Let us know what you are interested in and we will see what we can do for you. You can Contact us here!


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 7/8/2015  PRESS RELEASE:  

American Woman´s Dream Takes Golden Berries on Sale in the U.S.; Do Real Things Exist in The Era of “Made in China”?


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